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(Posted on Jul 16, 2010 at 09:01PM )
Lesley Ciarula Taylor Staff Reporter
Apple CEO Steve Jobs talks about the Apple iPhone 4 at Apple headquarters in Cupertino, Calif., Friday, July 16, 2010.

Steve Jobs, after saying five times that Apple wasn’t perfect, promised free cases and refunds on Friday for iPhone 4 customers unhappy about the “death grip” that blocks the smartphone’s antenna.

“We’ll send you a free case,” said Jobs at an unprecedented news conference to answer rising complaints about Apple Inc.’s latest product. “And if you’re still not happy, you can bring your iPhone 4 back undamaged for a full refund.”

In his trademark black sweater, a defensive Jobs said, “When we have problems like this and people criticize us, we take it really personally. But the data supports the fact that the iPhone 4 is the best smartphone in the world.”