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great deals on new ford escapes in new westminster
Sometimes driving can take up a lot of time, so imagine a future where your car will happily tell you a joke or keep you entertained on a long journey?
No, this isn’t a scene from Knight Rider. It’s the exciting future awaiting Ford lovers as our cars continue to evolve into state-of-the-art driving machines.
Cars like the 2017 Ford Escape already have the revolutionary SYNC 3, Ford’s built in technology which responds to driver’s needs while they keep their eyes firmly on the road.
For instance, the simple utterance of ‘I’m hungry’, will reward you with a handy list of nearby places to get your pizza fix.  Ask the SYNC to read a text message? Hey-presto! Your virtual BFF will keep you in the loop without compromising your safety.
It is the dream of engineers from t
he Ford of Europe Connectivity Application Team to take this to the next level. These super-smart individuals are working on developing speech-recognition capabilities to further understand drivers’ moods and needs.
Indeed, in the not-so-distant future, your ‘empathetic’ Ford car may be able to chat in a desired language, offer jokes to keep you entertained and even give some sage life advice.
Solo driving is about to become even more interesting!
Want to experience the safe convenience of SYNC 3 for yourself? Contact us at Key West Ford in New Westminster, B.C, today to book a test drive.
In the hectic world we live in today, everyone needs some freedom.

The 2017 Ford Escape doesn’t just help you to get away from your busy lives, but from stress as well. Equipped with fuel-efficient power plants, this vehicle puts drivers at ease, allowing them to cruise without worry. Combine this fact with its traction and curve control, as well as the 
EPAS, that permits it to take on any terrain, and this car enables anyone to get where they want when needed.

Luckily, a number of 2017 Ford Escape models have made their way into our inventory, each showing off the capabilities that can come with a quality car like this. With various customizable selections, anyone can find a deal that meets all their needs. Here are the specs for what options are currently in stock:

2017 Ford Escape SE Trim

Horsepower: 179.0 @ 6000rpm
Net Torque: 177.0 @ 2500 rpm
Fuel Tank Capacity (L): 61.7

2017 Ford Escape Titanium 4WD Trim

Horsepower: 245.0 @ 5500
Net Torque: 275.0 @ 3000rpm
Fuel Tank Capacity (L): 61.7

Equipped with stand-out features, it’s a wonder why these vehicles haven’t rolled off our lots already. If the 2017 Ford Escape looks like the car for you, be sure to contact our dealership today to schedule a test drive with one of these models over at 301 Stewardson Way, New Westminster, B.C. Also, take a look at our inventory right here.