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In the hectic world we live in today, everyone needs some freedom.

The 2017 Ford Escape doesn’t just help you to get away from your busy lives, but from stress as well. Equipped with fuel-efficient power plants, this vehicle puts drivers at ease, allowing them to cruise without worry. Combine this fact with its traction and curve control, as well as the EPAS, that permits it to take on any terrain, and this car enables anyone to get where they want when needed.

Luckily, a number of 2017 Ford Escape models have made their way into our inventory, each showing off the capabilities that can come with a quality car like this. With various customizable selections, anyone can find a deal that meets all their needs. Here are the specs for what options are currently in stock:

2017 Ford Escape SE Trim

Horsepower: 179.0 @ 6000 rpm

Net Torque: 177.0 @ 2500 rpm

Fuel Tank Capacity (L): 61.7

2017 Ford Escape Titanium 4WD Trim

Horsepower: 245.0 @ 5500 rpm

Net Torque: 275.0 @ 3000 rpm

Fuel Tank Capacity (L): 61.7

Equipped with stand-out features, it’s a wonder why these vehicles haven’t rolled off our lots already. If the 2017 Ford Escape looks like the car for you, be sure to contact our dealership today to schedule a test drive with one of these models over at 301 Stewardson Way, New Westminster, B.C. Also, take a look at our inventory right here.
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Facebook search marketing vancouverIn 2004 the world changed. Mark Zuckerberg - along with fellow Harvard students Chris Hughes, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz and Eduardo Saverin - launched a networking service that allowed users to effortlessly connect. It was called Facebook and it quickly rose throughout the engines, becoming a social powerhouse and a pop-culture phenomenon.

A decade hasn't tamed this online beast. Millions of users still flock to it every day, relying on it for news and communication - and Vancouver search marketing companies are starting to take notice.

According to a recent Zephoria survey, Facebook has become one of the most important sources of search marketing because:

As of 2014 there are 1.32 billion users on Facebook.

829 million users log into the site daily, bringing increased marketing opportunities and consistent targeting.

The most common age demographic is 25 to 34 (which is the target audience of many online services and products).

4.75 billion pieces of content are shared there daily, with consumers fueling marketing campaigns and promoting local links.

One in five page views lead to Facebook, with users seeking out information through business profiles, videos and images.

This proves that social networking is no longer just for everyday hashtags and picture sharing. It’s instead the center of search marketing - and One Big Broadcast is ready to take advantage of it.

Contact us today to learn more about the power of Facebook.

search marketing techniques vancouver seoOnline consumers are adventurers - carefully navigating the world of marketing, dodging irrelevant content, slogging through back-links and inventory pages. They seek out optimized treasures buried in the network sands.

And companies providing maps to those treasures will reap the benefits... as long as search marketing is used.

Guiding the right traffic to the right site is no easy task. Companies can no longer rely on stellar products to succeed. They must instead employ search marketing techniques.

What are these techniques? According to a recent analysis by Matt Ackley, a noted contributor to Search Engine Land, the most popular methods used by North American marketing companies are:

Search Targeting (meta tagging and link building): 84%

Site Targeting (optimized local profiles and GEO-cached content): 80%

Social Targeting (Facebook accounts or Twitter feeds): 47%

Mobile Targeting (responsive design and downloadable apps): 32%

These are all worthwhile methods - which is why One Big Broadcast has been taking advantage of them since our inception. We’ve transformed search marketing, blending local SEO and automated content for powerful results. With our integrated system we’ve connected key audiences to every site, saturating the Internet with information that's both optimized and engaging.

Let us develop a search marketing strategy for you. We’ll target the demographics that matter most and we’ll build brand recognition among all media channels (including engines, social networks and indexes). 

X marks the spot for social success!

Contact us to learn more.