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The Importance of a Complete Local Search Presence in Vancouver

(Posted on Oct 19, 2013 at 12:24PM by Lee Byard)

vancouver selConsumers crave information. They demand a company’s history, inventory and testimonials - and they demand it with the click of a mouse. 

Online local searches have become common, with 54% of users relying on computers instead of phone directories. Customers are seeking out shops and services directly and, because of this, a complete search presence is needed.

BC businesses must utilize SEO and sites must be fully optimized. This includes more than social networking, however. Instead every page must have relevant - and search engine friendly - information. Consider this:

66% of users want company photos.
78% of users want details about promotions and local events.
63% of users want access to consumer reviews.

These elements are vital, shaping a web site’s engine ranking and building a brand. A complete local search strategy delivers comprehensive data, and it increases a company’s overall visibility. 

One Big Broadcast will show every BC business how to achieve this. Contact us today for Vancouver SEO tactics, and learn how to web design for a Vancouver audience.