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Managing Cross Platform Content With Automated SEO

(Posted on Sep 12, 2013 at 02:13PM by Lee Byard)

bc seo companySocial media sites are not created equally. Their demographics differ. Their platform styles are unique. Each has a specific purpose - whether promoting blogs, photos, videos or even resumes. They are all distinct.

Posting the same information on each of them, therefore, is a mistake.

Automated SEO is recognized as convenient. Data is instantly added to networks like Pinterest or LinkedIn. These networks are all successful. They’re also all tailored to different demographics. Pinterest, for example, is most popular with women between the ages of 25 and 65, all interested in tagging their favorite photos. LinkedIn instead appeals to job-seeking professionals. Sharing a duplicate post on these sites would be futile. Their reader overlap is limited.

Social media optimization is only effective when it targets the right audience. Choosing broad cross-platform posts is not, therefore, a wise choice. Instead every post should be linked to relevant networks and written in a style that most appeals to readers. A Twitter post must catch the eye with minimal characters, while a Facebook option must blend images with keyword-dense facts. 

One Big Broadcast, along with the top companies in SEO automation, understands this - which is why we blend automated tools with organic content. This allows use to create stronger social strategies. Cross-platform posting is done correctly and creatively.

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