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Get Parking Assistance with the FordPass App

(Posted on Sep 1, 2016 at 09:15PM )
One of the worst things about driving in a big city is finding a parking spot. Circling streets and garages to find a space can be both time consuming and frustrating - especially if you're in a rush.

We have good news for you that can help solve all (or most) of your issues while hunting for a place to park - the FordPass app. You're probably thinking, "an app to find a parking spot?" Yes! Read on to learn more.


According to AutoBlog, the FordPass works similar to a GPS on your mobile device, except it will find your location and display all of the parking garages surrounding you. The best part is, if the garage you choose supports the app, you can choose your parking spot right from your phone. This additional feature is made for those who wish to claim a spot ahead of time.

Although there are still a few minor tweaks to be made, the app itself has a high success rate and is known to work quite well. Currently this mobile feature is availabe in 160 cities and is in the process of adding more to the list. 

Thanks to Ford, we can finally drive into most cities without unexpected delays due to the parking spot search!