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(Posted on Oct 30, 2010 at 05:53PM )
I read this great article the other day about the trends in social media and what the writer predicts will happen.

What jumped out at me was the following.

“Small, medium and large companies want to know how they can streamline, automate, budget, and measure social media and social marketing.”

Then the follow on comment:

“How can it move from a series of handcrafted singular projects to a more consistent, more repeatable, more predictable undertaking?”

Later on:

“Many agencies that initially dismissed digital as a peripheral activity are now bent on not making the same mistake again with social.”

Finally stating some powerful statements and the very principles that the OneBigBriadcast platform has been developed upon:
  • “Start thinking about ongoing engagement. Audiences can no longer be turned on and off on demand.”
  • “The long-predicted new marketing paradigm is finally here. Marketers need to start thinking, behaving and organizing themselves as content producers who treat engage consumers as audiences, instead of fully outsourcing this function to external publishers. Content is still king, after all.”
I'd recommend that everyone read this piece along with the reader comments.