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seo vancouverVancouver, B.C. – As search engines continue to enhance their algorithms, one of their fundamental goals has always been to create a platform that enhanced brand visibility based on search results. It might sound crazy, but they actually want you to get the results you’re looking for. And since One Big Broadcast’s entire design and ethos is also based on this achievement, they provide the proper analytical tools necessary for you to ‘listen’ to your customers and assess their interests in any number of specific content areas. With this knowledge in your pocket you’ll be like a fly on your customer’s keyboard (sorry, we couldn’t help it). 

Forrester Research recently published a report indicating the need for improved analytics in order for companies to better understand the value of search results and just how much of a their web traffic originates from them. According to the report, “Although marketers are aware that search contributes to a company's growth, data analysis needs to improve.” This is where One Big Broadcast comes in. They’ll deliver real-time analysis and advanced reporting tools, allowing you to make informed decisions based on exactly what your customers are saying. Which is another way of saying they take away the guesswork and replace it with valuable insight

Think it all sounds a little hard? One Big Broadcast did too. That’s why they created their one-of-a-kind Automated Dashboard. Every part of their platform connects back to this single, easy to use console from which you can manage, schedule, and monitor every aspect of your site’s effectiveness like a true Internet wizard. With this baby at your fingertips, people will be calling you Merlin in no time.   

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About One Big Broadcast 

One Big Broadcast is a cloud based content creation and marketing platform. Its unique combination of applications, analytics, and social media tools create and produce niche social networking communities, enhanced SEO, and inbound marketing with an easy-to-use content management that consistently delivers up-scale branding. 

- Eric Wainwright

seo vancouverVancouver, B.C. – All right, take a deep breath and hold on while we hit you with some big numbers and some hard facts. One Big Broadcast’s content creation software allows single, team, or multi-engine media calendar simulcast releases over 100 automatic social signals and 335 semi-automated feeds. (If you think this sounds impressive – you’re right.) Kick in the choice of either real-time or scheduled deliveries and you’ll be able to enjoy a long martini lunch while their system is busy implementing perfectly timed updates that optimize your marketing strategy. 

One Big Broadcast derives its power from a combination of Organic SEO and Search Marketing. And you better believe this duo packs a harder punch than an ’88 Mike Tyson. Search Marketing utilizes search engines to generate traffic, emphasizing keywords and advertisements to catch the attention of users while Organic SEO involves consistent content, link building, and analytics to develop your brand’s visibility and naturally obtain high search engine rankings. Basically, One Big Broadcast has a great jab and a heck of right hook to follow. 

Of course, being mobile is also key. And we don’t mean just having a sweet ride. 

A recent survey conducted by Google indicated that searches after 6pm are dominated by mobile users, which is why One Big Broadcast’s CMS is able to seamlessly translate your content into a mobile-friendly format. You can create, deploy and manage your customer’s mobile experience from their easy-to-use Mobile Simulator, and analyze mobile traffic patterns to continue to fine-tune your message. In a world that demands to-the-minute updates, you’ll have all the answers within seconds. So what are you waiting for?

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About One Big Broadcast 

One Big Broadcast is a cloud based content creation and marketing platform. Its unique combination of applications, analytics, and social media tools create and produce niche social networking communities, enhanced SEO, and inbound marketing with an easy-to-use content management that consistently delivers up-scale branding. 

- Eric Wainwright

vancouver seoVancouver, B.C. – People like to talk about Google when they talk about search. Cause, well, two-thirds of all the searches on the Internet are done through it! And since studies now show that over 90% of search terms are clicked by people on the organic side of Google’s first page, it seems an understatement to say it’s important you’re always one of those top ten results. 

If you’re worried, don’t be. One Big Broadcast’s army of SEO automation tools was built to win the digital traffic war. They’ve designed their application programming interface (the ‘API’ specifies how software components interact with each other) to include a series of Tiny URLs that are constantly linking important news events back to your site from higher traffic sites, a process that helps to attract SEO from search engines. Every content entry also auto-creates a tiny URL that is transmitted with the news event back to your social account. All of this might sound complicated but it really just means that the more posts you make the higher the number of important links will be sent back to your site. One Big Broadcast does this for Twitter, Facebook, and all your Blogs so you can save your time and energy for more important things in life, like concentrating on your new life being kind of a big deal. 

On top of all of this, One Big Broadcast has created its own, more dynamic version of Pinterest – IMGY. Cause a picture isn’t just worth a thousand words anymore, it’s also worth a thousand links. Your image messages will ‘live’ on IMGY but you’ll be able to feature them on your own site with manageable links, comments, and rankings. IMGY also melds Google Map technology with the world of content distribution so the images you post become living maps that are constantly updated on social media sites. Your SEO will soar and interested viewers will (literally) know exactly where to find you. 

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About One Big Broadcast 

One Big Broadcast is a cloud based content creation and marketing platform. Its unique combination of applications, analytics, and social media tools create and produce niche social networking communities, enhanced SEO, and inbound marketing with an easy-to-use content management that consistently delivers up-scale branding. 

- Eric Wainwright

bc seo companyGetting Google to like your company is no easy feat. Gone are the days of easy SEO manipulation, when only a few lines of well-placed code might send you right to the top. Search engine analytics can now be as complicated as a root canal, and likely just as painful.

Luckily, at least one company out there is keeping up with the Jones’. One Big Broadcast uses its unique, high-powered marketing platform to create socially charged, content driven, search-attractive websites that come loaded with unmatched SEO and Social Media automation power. We know it’s a mouthful, but it also works. When One Big Broadcast is done setting up your company, it’ll have a brand-specific result that won’t just speak directly to the audience you’re looking for, it’ll shout to them. Start thinking of your company as a rock star – One Big Broadcast is just giving you the microphone you deserve

No matter the profession, industry, or organization, One Big Broadcast won’t just help take your company to the next level; they’ll get it there in a limo. They’ll blow-up your web presence, amplify your brand awareness, and make you re-write your marketing goals. Their intuitive platform both streamlines and magnifies all of your company’s digital marketing efforts, which means you’ll be operating at maximum potential from Day 1. After all, is there really any other way to operate?
For more information check out OneBigBroadcast today and get started on your journey to the first-page club.

- Eric Wainwright

You’ve Never Been More Attractive With One Big Broadcast!

(Posted on Oct 5, 2013 at 01:50AM )

bc seo copmpany

One Big Broadcast is a cloud based content creation and marketing platform. Its unique combination of applications, analytics, and social media tools create and produce niche social networking communities, enhanced SEO, and inbound marketing with an easy-to-use content management that consistently delivers up-scale branding.

Vancouver, B.C. – These days, it’s all about Big Data. Collecting it, understanding it, and most importantly, utilizing it. If your business isn’t harnessing all the power that Big Data provides then you’re likely already falling behind. That’s where One Big Broadcast comes in. They use their definitive knowledge of Big Data to deliver your company with intel it can actually use. OBB analyzes everything from how people search to what they search (both in groups and as individuals). They then take those comprehensive studies and turn them into a bridge that will directly connect your website’s content to your clients. Picture the Golden Gate filled with traffic headed right to your front door and you’ll start to get the idea.

Whether it’s through a captivating mobile campaign or their obsessive dedication to development in all things social media, OBB’S interactive visual applications will captivate your customers in a way brick and mortar never could. From immersive games to engaging Facebook contests, One Big Broadcast excites customers and keeps ‘em coming back for more.

All of One Big Broadcast’s social media applications, pages, and widgets automate the task of ‘real-time branding’ so you can kick back and watch as your vision spreads around the web faster than Google Glasses (except, you know, with a happy ending). Their Design Team’s one-of-a-kind animation, graphics, and branding materials will differentiate your brand from all the other posers out there while still making it easy to understand just what it is that sets you apart.

Finally, this is the answer you’ve been looking for. All you have to do is get in touch.
For more information check out One Big Broadcast today.

- Eric Wainwright

bc seo companyVancouver, B.C. – OBB Auto, a division of One Big Broadcast, represents the next big thing in Auto SEO. This cloud based, high-horsepower content creation and marketing platform offers its clients a more complete social integration experience than even the ‘Biebs’ could provide. Not only does it deliver a bevy of innovative goodies that run the gamut from full sponsor/supplier profiles and unlimited media uploads to broadcast blogs and scheduled publishing tools, but it puts all that info right at a client’s fingertips in the form of a centralized console. Here, clients will be able to keep an eye on search engine placement software, analytics that accurately measure the success, sales, and readership of the site, as well as a host of other real-time reactions. Jam-packed with multiple layers of marketing technologies, OBB Auto allows auto companies to automate their social media news deliveries seamlessly while internal processes federate data and actively enhance SEO activities. Basically, it’s the best reason to take a martini lunch since the olive was invented.

It may sound like a lot to take in, but more importantly, it’s a lot more that’ll be sent out on a client’s behalf without them ever having to do much more than sign up.

For more information check out

About OBB Auto:

OBB Auto is a division of One Big Broadcast, a cloud based content creation and marketing platform. Its unique combination of applications, analytics, and social media tools create and produce niche social networking communities, enhanced SEO, and inbound marketing with an easy-to-use content management that consistently delivers up-scale branding.

- Eric Wainwright

Big Box Or Out Of The Box – The Choice Is Yours

(Posted on Sep 23, 2013 at 05:51PM by William Cosgrove)
Think about this. Do you want off the shelf Big Box technology powering your digital marketing campaigns or out of the box creative technology?
Walmart style web hosting companies that of er free or inexpensive websites with templates and a few plugins may get you in the game and make you like everyone else- but they are not going to take you to the top of it.

Your website and the technology that powers it is where it all starts. These are the building blocks that are going to mean the difference how effectively your marketing initiatives reach your audience.

Today Digital Marketing has the biggest impact of all your marketing initiatives. You need to have the latest technology from a company that is constantly creating better ways to keep your digital marketing effective.

We all want to think that we are going to create the next great marketing campaign that is going have  everyone hitting those rewets and like buttons and sharing it with all their friends. And when does happen, if it happens, you capitalize on it and think of ways to keep it going.

But great innovative technology is what is going to power your everyday “bread and butter” campaigns that will get you noticed - get your message out and keep it there.

OBB’s proprietary innovative technology is and has been doing this for our diverse client base and dealer clients. Our clients have experience up to a 400% increase in leads and up a 25% increase in profits. OBB is proving its value proposition on a daily basis.

OBB has invested heavily in developing and continually innovating their proprietary technologies and it is paying off for our clients in a big way.
For the price of one employee you can climb out of the box and enjoy the same benefits One Big Broadcast clients are enjoying on a daily basis.

William Cosgrove

RackSpace Commands Best Cloud Provider Spot by Forrester Research.

(Posted on Jun 4, 2013 at 05:32PM by Steven Arsenault)
SEO Automation Platform with Rackspace.After reading about this it seemed like a great idea that our SEO Automation Platform is using RackSpace!

A recent article in talks about RackSpace and Forrester:

Rackspace finds place as one of the Best Cloud Provider by Forrester Research Inc.

"Rackspace attain highest scores among eight (8) other contenders in planned enhancements and third party eco-system areas."

Today’s Internet service is way important. When it comes to a company’s Internet presence although it seems that a web site can be created by just about anyone and there are providers galore, when a web site goes dark it is almost as  bad back in the day when phone service went out.

Years ago (and still today) phone companies created systems that became known as ‘telephone quality’ meaning that a phone company’s systems carrying telephone calls had so many redundancies and were built so well that they just didn’t fail. If systems did fail there were backups that auto switched over so the end use never knew there were issues and the phone service stayed up.

In many ways our SEO Automation Platforms are like this. We run on a strong cloud powered platform like RackSpace – in fact the best according to Forrester. Our layers of applications are thousands of applications all working together to deliver measurable results. That’s why our overall content marketing platforms are so effective.

Today phones have switched to the Internet and cloud service is the way to go. Using a cloud means software as a service for applications that were once unheard of but the most important thing about cloud is the speed of updates. As your vendor comes up with new features – those features become part of  the fabric of new ways of running your business.

It’s no mistake that OneBigBroadcast’s SEO Automation Platform needs to run on a platform that stays up all the time. Companies that use our platform depend on it for powering their search position, auto inventories, ecommerce to food production and communication with food producers.

We are proud to have based the development of our Content Marketing  Platforms and our SEO Automation Tools on a great platform like RackSpace.

SEO Automation Platforms and Content Marketing Platform’s Role in The New Creative Economy.

(Posted on May 31, 2013 at 01:27PM by Steven Arsenault)
“The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

Steve Jobs

The above statement is the opening quote for an article in Forbes Magazine called ‘The Management Revolution That's Already Happening’

The article points out what I agree has already happened to the business landscape – but most people are unaware of it and still floundering around – the 20th Century style of business is out the window. We’ve proven that manufacturing goods off shore have destroyed business’ ability to be innovative and achieve nothing but cheap products that have damaged the economy.

Social platforms have turned the tables on business allowing consumers to openly and easily communicate with each other and dictate their ultimate buying decisions while at the same time traditional media is taking a back seat to new forms of communication like the Internet and mobile.

The old economy is giving way to the new creative economy where innovation, fast moving markets and pioneering of new products and services is the norm. We see it all around us and its being adopted fast.

What excites me about this new economy is that companies large and small are going to have to turn to SEO automation platforms like OneBigBroadcast to manage, schedule and launch and measure the effectiveness of their new campaigns on an on going basis  to keep up and pull ahead the rest of the companies coming up with new products in this exciting new creative economy.

Viva the Creative Economy!

Social Success via Search

(Posted on May 22, 2013 at 12:44PM by Steven Arsenault)
For years I’ve been chirping about how one of the things companies and SEO professionals can do is use social to help with their search rankings. The theory seemed solid back in 2007 when I discovered this. Back then I started experimenting with Twitter news feeds linked to our social networking sites. Back then Twitter was way new (launched in 2006) but rumor had it that Google was indexing it. That was enough for me so we connected it to one of our social networks.

That was enough for me. We experienced linking and high SERPs while harnessing social sites like Twitter. So much so that is became the foundation of OneBigBroadcast.

Social Success via Search on ClickZNow that supporting research and topics like this are starting to surface the concept of an all in one platform designed to harness, schedule and manage content distribution while harnessing social from layers of social APIs in common platform like One Big Broadcast starts to make a lot of sense in terms of an ‘SEO Engine’.

“One of the biggest things an organization can do is leverage social to propagate its materials throughout the web and add weight to them in organic search. These materials can include articles, white papers, infographics, images, coupons - basically any thought leadership or promotional content.”
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