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vancouver seoVancouver, B.C. – People like to talk about Google when they talk about search. Cause, well, two-thirds of all the searches on the Internet are done through it! And since studies now show that over 90% of search terms are clicked by people on the organic side of Google’s first page, it seems an understatement to say it’s important you’re always one of those top ten results. 

If you’re worried, don’t be. One Big Broadcast’s army of SEO automation tools was built to win the digital traffic war. They’ve designed their application programming interface (the ‘API’ specifies how software components interact with each other) to include a series of Tiny URLs that are constantly linking important news events back to your site from higher traffic sites, a process that helps to attract SEO from search engines. Every content entry also auto-creates a tiny URL that is transmitted with the news event back to your social account. All of this might sound complicated but it really just means that the more posts you make the higher the number of important links will be sent back to your site. One Big Broadcast does this for Twitter, Facebook, and all your Blogs so you can save your time and energy for more important things in life, like concentrating on your new life being kind of a big deal. 

On top of all of this, One Big Broadcast has created its own, more dynamic version of Pinterest – IMGY. Cause a picture isn’t just worth a thousand words anymore, it’s also worth a thousand links. Your image messages will ‘live’ on IMGY but you’ll be able to feature them on your own site with manageable links, comments, and rankings. IMGY also melds Google Map technology with the world of content distribution so the images you post become living maps that are constantly updated on social media sites. Your SEO will soar and interested viewers will (literally) know exactly where to find you. 

For more information check out today. 

About One Big Broadcast 

One Big Broadcast is a cloud based content creation and marketing platform. Its unique combination of applications, analytics, and social media tools create and produce niche social networking communities, enhanced SEO, and inbound marketing with an easy-to-use content management that consistently delivers up-scale branding. 

- Eric Wainwright