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Social Success via Search

(Posted on May 22, 2013 at 12:44PM by Steven Arsenault)
For years I’ve been chirping about how one of the things companies and SEO professionals can do is use social to help with their search rankings. The theory seemed solid back in 2007 when I discovered this. Back then I started experimenting with Twitter news feeds linked to our social networking sites. Back then Twitter was way new (launched in 2006) but rumor had it that Google was indexing it. That was enough for me so we connected it to one of our social networks.

That was enough for me. We experienced linking and high SERPs while harnessing social sites like Twitter. So much so that is became the foundation of OneBigBroadcast.

Social Success via Search on ClickZNow that supporting research and topics like this are starting to surface the concept of an all in one platform designed to harness, schedule and manage content distribution while harnessing social from layers of social APIs in common platform like One Big Broadcast starts to make a lot of sense in terms of an ‘SEO Engine’.

“One of the biggest things an organization can do is leverage social to propagate its materials throughout the web and add weight to them in organic search. These materials can include articles, white papers, infographics, images, coupons - basically any thought leadership or promotional content.”