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Get Your Hispanic Marketing Campaign Right

(Posted on Dec 27, 2014 at 06:33AM by William Cosgrove)

The Hispanic Segment of the population in this country represents the 13th Largest Economy in the World and is the youngest, fastest growing segment of the US population representing 60 % of overall population growth with a per cap income of $39,730 with 25% of this segment at $75,000. (Slide Show)

Get Your Hispanic Marketing Campaign Right

by Diego Prusky

Many companies have increased their Hispanic marketing budgets, particularly in the mobile and social arena — there are 22 million Hispanic daily active users on Facebook, and 14% of the Hispanic population is active on Twitter — but most don’t invest the money, time and energy required to fully understand the nuances that exist within the U.S. Hispanic community. As a result, they often fail to connect with their target audience. Read More

A Marketing Holiday Gift That Can Keep On Giving

(Posted on Dec 25, 2014 at 07:57AM by William Cosgrove)

Track, listen to and react to customers and site visitors by combining an onsite Social CRM community as part of your overall digital and social media marketing strategy to increase site visits and drive engagement and magnify “your site” in organic search which comprises 70% percent of links that search users click on.

This will all combine to raise your SERP rankings where organic search results comprise the majority of clicks from search engines, with many sources claiming as much as 80% of all search engine traffic.

In the following article Andrew Reid president and founder of Vision Critical explains that “There’s quite a bit that social media analytics can’t tell companies. Those solely relying on social to help predict trends and product wins need to rethink their approach.” 

What social analytics isn’t telling you this holiday season

With the holiday season in full swing, many retailers have started to predict what gifts will be a hit or miss. Some have done so with the help of social media analytics, as recently reported. According to social media analytics, when it comes to kids, toys that imitate gadgets used by adults will be hotter than ever. Read More