Ford Super DutyWhen it comes to big and impressive, the Ford F-Series has taken the cake for the last 20 years or more. However, their latest offering--the Ford Super Duty for sale in Seattle WA--blows away all previous records. 

Let's start under the hood. The Seattle Washington Ford Super Duty for Sale performs at levels usually only seen in 18-wheelers, as far as torque goes, according to Autoweek. Without fail, "beast" is what truck lovers are going to say about this new Ford offering. Capable of pulling up to 10,000 lbs, the 2017 Ford Super Duty can also carry 1.5 tons in its bed. 

The 2017 Ford Super Duty doesn't lack on safety either. In addition to regular safety features, this model also boasts up to seven cameras to keep an eye on surrounding conditions, as well as a warning for lane departure. The blindspot warning system can extend the length a trailer to let you know what's up on either side of your Ford Super Duty for sale in Seattle WA. Perhaps the neatest feature in the Ford Super Duty is the adaptive steering system--an optional, yet attractive add-on. The adaptive steering system features a small, electrical-driven motor in the steering column that provides assistance at low speeds; like power-steering for manouvering around parking lots.  

The Super Duty is just that: a super truck designed for serious duty. If you're ready to hit the road with everything you need, look for a 2017 Ford F-Series Super Duty for Sale Seattle Washington.
Ford ExpeditionThe auto world got all a-tingle when Ford announced that their flagship, the F-150 line, would be outfitted with aluminum bodies from now on. However, it appears the F-150 isn't the only Ford product getting an aluminum makeover. The 2018 Ford Expedition--spotted late last year by an Autoblog photographer--also seems to be benefiting from a light-weight build. Pair that with the new EcoBoost engine the Ford Expedition 2018 boasts, and you have a winning model with some great gas mileage. The best part for afficionados of the 2018 Ford Expedition is that there is no loss in hauling power; in fact, this model is rated for more. 

While the body borrows much from the F-150 series—a block-shaped body style and the four-door appearance common in big-cab trucks—the Ford Expedition 2018 presents a much more luxurious ride. In addition to its light-but-powerful build, the 2018 Ford Expedition for sale in Seattle Washington also provides a stylish ride with ultramodern amenities. Features like the 3 Sync infotainment system will make an appearance in the 2018 Ford Expedition,

Starting in mid-2017, look for the new Ford Expedition 2018 for sale in Seattle WA. With great mileage and and hi-tech offerings, this sleek machine presents a new way to ride.