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B2B Marketing Myths-BUSTED [Slide Show]

(Posted on Apr 7, 2015 at 01:04PM )

B2B Marketing MythsEaster is upon us and Spring has sprung in most parts of the US and winter has essentially made its mark for this year. I often forget about the snow and the fun I had in it when I was young and the mess it just seems to be for a lot of us as we get older.

One myth I would like to dispel is that in South America where I live (part of the year) it is not all jungle with all that entails including hot humid weather. I happen to be just under eight thousand feet up in the mountains where the windows are left open year round and it is always comfortable. South America encompasses just about every type of climate and where I’m at almost all are all just a short drive or flight away.

And as the saying goes time flies by and in business it is no different so I will get to the point. Sometimes we get caught up in a mindset that does not allow us to keep up with the pace of change which is how myths get created and at least in this context we can define here as beliefs without determinable basis of fact.

The following slide show fast forwards you to some of today’s realities of what has changed in B2B marketing you may not be aware of or caught up to yet. The study this slide show is based on was posted in an article in Google’s Think Newsletter and written by Kelsey Snyder and Pashmeena Hilal. It was done by Google in partnership with Millward Brown Digital and brings us back to reality with what has changed in B2B marketing.

They surveyed approximately 3,000 B2B researchers about their research and purchase habits as well as their use of digital (specifically, search, mobile, and video). Then Google analyzed 13 months of clickstream data from Millward Brown Digital's desktop panel.

The study which was done in 2014 mirroring research done in 2012, gives you insights into the changes over the past couple of years. The results lay to rest some widely held beliefs that will potentially have a big impact on your B2B marketing strategies.