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Brain Salt for Online Conversions

(Posted on Feb 19, 2014 at 01:55PM )

We are all looking for that magic elixir that will keep people visiting our sites and result in conversions of one kind or another. Although it is not magic there are recipes that include ingredients for an overall marketing mix that can please the most discerning palates.

Conversion marketing is an eCommerce term that is the conversion of website visits into sales although today some measure conversions that result in some type of engagement other than a sale. Examples of this would be a campaign to sign up visitors to a newsletter or downloading a white paper or some type of interaction to gain contact information for further engagement.

However the desired end result in any type of conversion marketing is the eventual sale of a product or service.

Using content to drive site visits has become one of the most successful tools today in conversion marketing as customers want to be informed about products or services and left to make their own decision in their own time on who offers the best product or service that fits their needs and how a company fits their overall expectations when it comes to customer service and or sense of community.

Using content to drive conversions is a constant work in progress to Improve and focus the content of the website (which may include text, pictures and video) to target conversion.

Generating user reviews of the product or service has become a good way to instill trust and create social buzz through social sharing of individual experiences, satisfaction and recommendations.

Improve credibility and trust by showing third-party trust logos and by good site design. Site design must be structured so that users can navigate the site without thinking too much about where to click.

As consumers tend to abandon sites after only three clicks, online chat can be an effective tool for live engagement to produce more conversions during customer visits. Click to call also supports cross-channel conversion without losing the context of the conversation when visitors move from the website to the phone.

After the fact re-target and nurture by Identifying the visitors interested in particular products or services based on previous site search to offer relevant content through targeted ad placement and e-mail personalization that contain recommendations and content that make the customer feel it was tailored personally for them .

Targeting offers attempts to fit the right promotion with the right customer based upon behavioral and demographic information.

Use AIDA (attention, interest, desire, action) to move the user through the conversion process and you'll be well on your way.

William Cosgrove
Bill Cosgrove Straight Talk