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I’ve had a few prospects getting in touch over the last three weeks – through client referrals and also finding me via Google with blog posts I’ve written. They were all looking for examples of successful social media marketing.

What’s been interesting, however, is the common question all the prospects asked – namely, what can social media engagement actually deliver? They’ve all been keen to see examples of successful social media marketing in action.











The first question I ask in return is “What’s your definition of successful social media marketing?” and the reply always, always, always includes an element of financial ROI for the activities delivered through social media engagement and blog marketing.

Successful social media marketing usually includes one or more of the following elements for my clients:

* Financial ROI

* Reputation ROI

* Engagement ROI

* Web traffic ROI

* Google ranking ROI

* Competitive ROI

So, here’s six proven, measurable, concrete examples of successful social media marketing from recent client campaigns – to highlight the value and benefits of professional social media engagement, blogging outreach and content marketing:

* How one blog post generated £1,600 in 60 seconds


A superb example of successful social media marketing, where a client wasfound on Google from a blog post, and a new customer was secured in 60 seconds. Social media engagement should deliver cash in the bank. Solid financial ROI.

* How blog marketing delivered 18 Google Page One rankings in 12 weeks


A brilliant example of successful social media marketing, whereby a client dominated industry search terms for their business using professional blog marketing and social media content. Within 12 weeks, they had secured Google ROI for all services.

* SEO Copywriting delivers 700% ROI in four weeks


A solid example of successful social media marketing, with a client using SEO Copywriting and blog marketing to drive more web traffic to their new website and generate interest, leads and Google domination for their business.

* How to use content marketing to sell 100 products per week


A great example of successful social media marketing, where a client used a combination of targeted social media content and an eNewsletter to sell 100 products per week. Financial ROI and reputation ROI in a single campaign.

* How to create cash from blog marketing – within 36 hours


A powerful example of successful social media marketing, where a client’s blog post delivered financial ROI, web traffic ROI and competitive ROI within 36 hours of uploading. Sceptics of blog marketing need to read this case study.

* How to get 20 customers in 20 days using eNewsletter marketing


A fantastic example of successful social media marketing, with a client using a combination of social media engagement and eNewsletter marketing to drivefinancial ROI in a short space of time. A massive increase in reputation ROI delivered, too.

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