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Have you ever spent days, maybe even months working on your super awesome product, service, training series, etc? You are beyond excited to finally have it all done and are now ready to launch your baby you have worked so hard on. The day of the launch comes and you wait eagerly for the sound of your email notification that you have money deposited into your Paypal account. But instead, all you hear are crickets…. Isn’t that a devastating feeling?!

To avoid that from ever happening again, we need to take a hard look at how we are marketing. We all get the importance of marketing, but very few really take the time to make sure their marketing is good. I’m all about setting up a process that helps streamline my marketing efforts and ensures I am getting the right message to the right people.

I would like to share with you something I believe will help you with your marketing process before you launch anything.

Here are 6 things to do before launching any marketing campaign.

1. Know WHO you are speaking to.
Far too often, we get an idea and we launch forward in it without really ever being clear on WHO we are speaking to. WHO is the target audience? This is huge when it comes to writing sales copy! I recommend mapping out a perfect prospect or perfect client profile, where you ask specific questions that force you to really know WHO you are talking to and what’s going on in their mind. Without knowing this, you are just grasping at straws and wasting time and money.

2. Have your brand voice nailed down. Having this nailed down will help you stand out and resonate with your perfect audience and eliminate your not-so-perfect-audience. There should be complete consistency with all of your marketing material. If your business cards are expressing something different than what is on your web site or social profiles… we have a problem!

3. Here is one people really don’t like.. Take time to THINK. It is amazing what we come up with when we take a time out from all the noise and really think things through. During this time, you should be making sure your messaging is all about your prospect and focusing on the benefits. You should be thinking of what is going to be going through the mind of the prospect. Think through the entire process. There is a good chance you might find some inconsistencies in your messaging.

4. Focus on your core concept. When we try to focus on a lot of areas instead of being laser focused on our core concept, we water down our messaging and lose people. Know what your core concept is and stick to it. This is also relevant when writing emails, blog posts, podcasts, and everything else.

5. Find the thing that makes your offer a no-brainer. If you can find and focus on this, it will make it much harder for the prospect to be able to justify not buying from you. Which leads to number 6.

6. Search out what are the reasons your prospect is going to tell themselves not to buy from you. Find this out and you can tweak your message to handle all objectives before they even have a chance to ask.

When you take the time to really go through this process, you will have such a more solid marketing campaign and brand message. Which also means more money in your pocket!

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Did this help you? Do you have your own process you go through when putting together a marketing campaign?