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How Listening can Lead to Innovation- One Big Broadcast’s (New Release) “OBB Autos Showroom NXT”.

(Posted on Aug 27, 2013 at 02:29PM )
Steven Arsenault CEO and key innovator at One Big Broadcast explains how he conceptualized the idea for OBB Autos Showroom.
We were having lunch with Key West Ford's operations manager and web manager and were discussing how great the SEO engine worked but the links went back to the blog pages. The question was “is there a way to link the client back to the web site or inventory.”
Then we started talking about a competitor. who was on top of them in search for a few items and when we looked we saw that it was their ‘showroom’ pages. These are web pages with lots of writing, images, video about different models.
I thought why not meld the content creation and SEO attraction capabilities of our blogs with pages created dynamically by our platform. That way we could tap into already existing technology that we have at our disposal to harness SEO capabilities of our existing platform.
So for KWF, we installed 5 different blog engines each one able to pump out 111 data point search attracting elements for each post. I decided to add one more. Allow each detailed showroom page have a set up area that allows it to choose a blog to draw data from and specify the search term we want to appear on that particular show room page.
For example if we are blogging about a Ford Edge the news feeds would be able to connect with each showroom web page we create for each model. That's automated marketing while attracting SEO with changing content.

This way we could surpass our competitor in the SEO rankings because their showroom pages are now static web pages vs pages that change all the time from the blog updates. You can imagine the time savings when they get all their models - trucks, SUVs, cars, etc loaded and they all draw their changing news content from our Signature One-Click Console that makes it all easy to schedule and control.
Next we add live inventory to the pages via our Inventory Plugin so clients can read about the vehicle with a link directly to the vehicle moving them closer to making contact with a rep and doing a deal.
In the background our 'engine' is doing a lot to attract SEO visibility and more. Each time someone uses our vehicle inventory we speak to Google and actively send information back and forth. This is attractive to search engines. We also in real time update the site maps. Each web page has access to its own tools to enhance and fine tune its SEO visibility from Title Tag, Meta tags, Description as well as full Alt tag and other lesser know adjustments.  Combine that with the constant flow of fresh content that makes  OBB Autos Showroom NXT a very powerful car dealer search attracting application.

By Bill Cosgrove
DealerNet Services