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(Part 3) There Is More To This Content Marketing Than Just Clicking Publish

(Posted on Jul 18, 2013 at 01:32PM )

Why did this work so well?

When someone is featured on another website, it can have a profound effect on their social following.

It shows that they are more of an authority on a subject because more people value their opinion.

The more times you’re featured and the more times your opinion is validated, the more of an authority that you will be perceived to be in the eyes of your followers.

Also, when you create an extremely valuable resource generally people are more inclined to share it because they know their followers will find value and appreciate the content being shared with them.

When someone is featured in an extremely valuable resource alongside some other big names, especially people that they look up to then they are compelled to share the content with their following and in some cases even go out of their way to share it more than they would with a regular mention.

I must warn you, not every person you include in a post like this will share and you will get varied results depending on the niche or industry that you operate in.


What other types of content can you use?

Regular blog posts, interviews, group interviews, industry roundups and infographics all work well.

The rule of thumb here is that generally, the more people you involve in your content, the more potential people that might promote it.


#3 – Build and maintain relationships with influencers and industry peers

A lot of people approach this blogging thing like it’s something you can do without any interaction or involving other people at all.

It used to be the case that people would just setup a blog, fire a load of rough content up and blast as many anchor text optimized links at their site as possible to rank in Google and then just sit on a beach somewhere without doing a thing – just sipping back mojitos while their bank account fills up with money.

For a time it worked and people made bank, we’re talking obscene amounts of money – but the problem that they have now is that Google has forced people into making effort, writing good content, building good links and generally treating our business the way it should be treated.

Whether your blogging to earn money, run an offline business or something else – the shortcuts don’t exist anymore.

Well, that’s not exactly true because there are certain verticals that are still dominated by spam, partly due to the fact that Google treats different industries differently, the ranking signals for one industry can differ drastically to another – but those that are still using nasty link building won’t get away with it for much longer.

Google left the door wide open and people saw an opportunity and for a lot of businesses it was a case of either use nasty link building tactics, rank and earn money or don’t use those tactics, don’t rank and don’t earn money.

People weren’t thinking of the big picture and it boils down to this – the user experience, whether it’s a slick site that gives you a great experience or a site that people simply find valuable and learn a lot from.

You need to get social, you need to connect and network.

Business owners have networked for years offline and used it to pass business to each other and generally help each other out – it’s worked great and it works great online too.




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BY Adam Connell


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