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It was the night before Christmas, well very close, and all through the house the creatures were stirring because everything was in doubt. A knock at the door and who would appear but a scrooge with an eviction notice- this was no Christmas cheer for Cin-e-ma-zoo.

One cold day in December After year twenty-two - Gary Oliver, CinemaZoo's founder did not know what to do.

CinemaZoo the Pacific Northwest's largest private sanctuary for exotic creatures was founded on the good intentions of people who acquired an exotic pet but didn’t think it through. That exotic bird was beautiful but was too loud and that cute little sugar glider looked like a cuddly pet but it was noisy all night and would emit nasty things if you tried to hold it. And that pet monitor lizard- it just ate the owner's cat.

 All of these now unwanted and abandoned creatures ended up at CinemaZoo. Close to 300 of these exotic creatures were now facing eviction and, even worse, euthanasia.

 Social media came to the rescue. Gary contacted One Big Broadcast and they pledged to help. First, all of the traditional media were contacted and-

 -Within days local TV stations were airing the news, Vancouver's daily newspaper, The Province, ran a front page story and the drama caught the hearts and minds of the entire province.

 The efforts main focus was centered around One Big Broadcasts socialcasting platform. While the news events were happening the OBB team was dominating the Internet with UGC (User Generated Content) content.

 OBB’s social media tools allowed them to quickly upload images to their broadcast and enabled blogs and GPS galleries from one central CMS console. They also delivered all the ongoing updates via email, SMS, social media and social networking sites. Finally OBB’s widgets updated web sites and blogs carrying the feeds.

Cinemazoo's news dominated every search term on Google and Yahoo within days. One Big Broadcast was able to funnel the traffic into Cinemazoo's donation page.

Money started flowing in online via ecommerce microsite pages One Big Broadcast had created. Donations poured in as the public opened their wallets, bookings soared and merger talks followed from a major zoo for funding and expansion.

 As Gary Oliver said later during one of his follow-up TV interviews, "I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for One Big Broadcast.”
This is a story of how powerful social media can be in effectively getting out a message to make a difference. With the proper technology and expertise no other form of multi-media channeling of information can have the immediate and lasting impact of a properly orchestrated social media campaign.

The story ends with this video and a HAPPY ending for all: By William Cosgrove