One Big Broadcast Teams With Bill Cosgrove.

Bill Cosgrove - Blogger, businssman, humanitarian. Bill is a student of the complex and diverse South American economies, business and culture and and a true independent North American automotive spirit. A true adventurer Bill spins his adventures in the form of navigating Dealership Operations and the new digital frontier of marketing. We are honored here at OneBigBroadcast to have Bill contribute to an industry we are all here at One Big Broadcast very passionate about.

Bill Cosgrove Candid: 

"One of the rules of value creation is:  if your actions don’t create value, then your actions decrease value.  If your sales or marketing presentation does not increase the perceived value of your products or services, it decreases the value your customers or prospects perceive they get from you."

I have focused on creating value for my customers, my employers and my own businesses my entire career.  For over 36 years, Eighteen in the Automotive Sector, I have gain my experience through building businesses in various sectors both here and abroad and by working with, listening to and learning from some very talented people In The Automotive, Marketing, Retail and Service Industries. This has given me an “out of the box perspective” that I bring in working with my clients to create more value within their organization to achieve a higher level of success. (Vist my profile at LinkedIn )

I also host a blog Autospeak- Straight Talk. With over 19,000 monthly visitors Autospeak features many relevant posts on Automotive Operations and Marketing.  As part of Autospeak-Straight Talk,  “Bill Cosgrove Straight Talk” contains articles that I have personally published on the Operations of Automobile Dealerships as it relates to Sales and Marketing.

I was given a title of featured writer at Automotive Digital Marketing and have had many articles featured at DealerElite.

This “out of the box perspective”” is also why I have partnered with One Big Broadcast. Their diverse Global client base has given them the same out of the box perspective from servicing many different Industry Sectors. Bill Cosgrove a trustee at Funlicoma Foundation helping children in Manizales, Colombia, SA 

The incredible results that they have produced and continue to produce for their clients are testament to their customer concentric philosophy. OBBs in-depth knowledge of Marketing as a whole and as it relates to today's constantly changing Technologies and its complexities make a difference that few others can match.

Autospeak Straight Talk.