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Social media destinations today seem to be a what’s trending, what's fashionable media where Social Icons are losing ground and where smaller ones are constantly being replaced with the next technologically fad driven way to communicate and share with one another on the internet.

Facebook makes a weak showing when it comes to ad performance for direct response marketing (lead generation) and this month, during a quarterly earnings call, David A. Ebersman, Facebook's chief financial officer, made a startling acknowledgment that confirms what many had suspected but were never able to prove - that the service had become less appealing for at least some of its users. And though Facebook is still the default social network for many people, perhaps it is no longer as crucial as it once was for social survival.

There are also recent studies that are suggesting that people still prefer non-paid ads for search and show that the higher CTRs come from ads with a lower position that actually look likes an organic result, even though it’s often paid. This points to the fact that people are trying to skip the ads and failing.

Organic search has been and still is the search method of choice. There will always be a reason to reach out over social channels as part of your overall marketing mix but why dedicate more and more resources chasing the next hot social channel when that same technology that is changing the social media landscape on an almost daily basis can now benefit companies the most by originating the bulk of your social media initiatives from your own site.

It is time to look more within your organization to find better and more stable ways of attracting customers and communicating with your existing customer base. And this can be done by forming onsite communities, online events and classified marketing initiatives to organically grow your inbound traffic.
These integrated initiatives can effectively reduce the cost of your online marketing and provide a host of benefits that cannot be achieved or more effectively controlled in any other way.

One Big Broadcast has been pioneering these integrated technologies for years. We can show you how to effectively reduce costs and increase your ROI, Inbound marketing, Service, Sales and Customer retention.

In what direction do you feel this is all going? And what would your suggestions be?

William Cosgrove