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Here is an example of some of our latest projects and the challenges faced from a design, social integration and social SEO. launches strong

The site showcases the enthusiasm and energy of Canadian youth athletes and the collaborative and powerful nature of a popular national sporting event — by leveraging the power of social media and targeted social marketing tools.
One of Canada’s best-kept secrets, the National Youth Track and Field Championships has been a storied national event for more than 70 years and running.
Throughout the years, the Royal Canadian Legion (with the support of Athletics Canada) has been wholly responsible for managing and funding the national event. In 2013,  the Royal Canadian Legion wanted to raise the event profile and shine a brighter light on these potential young Olympians. 
To achieve this, they are leveraging the  “Made in BC” OneBigBroadcast technology that will harness the creative, collaborative nature of these events — spinning it out to social while devising an innovative way to “sling shot” back every single blog post and image update to raise the overall profile of the event.
Athletes work collaboratively tapping into “the spirit of youth” combined with a common conversation & connectivity by harnessing search and social technologies. Having athletes use  their own social marketing tools to simultaneously tap into their individual social networking accounts  while shining visibility back to the YO event platform creates huge value for the event and its sponsors.
Combining these huge data streams with the OneBigBroadcast platform’s built in social monitoring and analytics spanning over several platforms delivers information on collaborative activities on a whole new level.

Here's a sample of a few more of our recent innovative projects combining creative with our all in one content marketing platform combining social integration with some pretty cool apps.

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