We were at the top of Google in no time and the phones started ringing!Stan
OBB and Webstager have been instrumental in helping us re-launch our brand and have brought a fresh new look to our e-mail marketing campaigns. We have enjoyed working with MFM and the WebStager team. They regularly bring us new ideas to take our brand to the next level. This does not have too be confidential .. Please let the guy knowStephanie
I hired WebStager (the creators of OneBigBroadcast) a few mos. back after seeing what a great job they did for their client http://cooperboating.com/ The owner of Cooper Boating, Colin Jackson, was in my home town ( Calgary ) at a boat show. I asked Colin about his experience with WebStager. He said he could not have chosen a better team than WebStager. It was enough to convince me this is the team I needed to hire them. WebStager not only delivered a super high end creative look and branding, they also customized a dead simple “ point and click” back end user system that allows me to make any new updates, or image changes myself. More importantly, I’ve been reading that Social Media is the new way to enhance business and attract leads. WebStager showed me their social media platform and how I could update all my social spots from a single console while attracting social benefits back to my web space on search engines and other news sites. Their overall platform would saves ( add s ) me valuable time while injecting me into the social media marketing game. At that point I decided I needed to use their platform. They also designed a Facebook branded fan page and branded twitter account for me that reflects my new website http://www.facebook.com/pages/Envoy-Jet/359084180010?v=app_4949752878 -- http://twitter.com/envoyjet During the build there were some ‘custom’ apps that needed to be created dealing with my aircraft inventory, integrating video and our appraisal forms. They created these apps for us while integrating them into our custom CMS. They also implemented a multifeed news blog so all of our social broadcasts could ‘live’ in a single spot while driven by our new content management system. Now as our blog content is broadcast to our social spots at the touch of a button, our web site is updated further enhancing our visibility to search engines. The whole team is a joy to work with and they get things done as promised. I would highly recommend this company to anyone wanting to get it done “right” Please feel free to contact me if you wish at info@envoyjet.com Sincerely, Blair Douglas – Owner President ENVOYJETBlair Douglas
Adventure travel is a super competitive business in super natural B.C. one big broadcast allows us to automate our social media broadcasting attracts search engine attention make immediate changes to our website which are immediately transmitted to our client base allowing us to spend way more time with our love of the great outdoors, here in Lund, British Columbia. Sincerely,Hugh Prichard owner TerraCentric
I hired OneBigBroadcast / Webstager in 2008 to re do our web presence, creative and branding along with a super easy to use " point and click" back end application that allows me ( and my staff ) to make changes to my sites text and change or upload new images. This allows me to cut costs by not having to hire a company, or source the work out to someone. I have total control over my web presence! along with this WebStager also created a twitter page that is consistent with our new branding and a face book fan page. WebStager never let us down, not even for a moment. Both Steven and Mimi were super " hands on" throughout this whole process, very professional and an actual joy to be around. OneBigBroadcast social media automation tools allow me to " invent" time a single blog entry not only populated the news feeds on my website attracting search engine visibility, but all my social media properties, like twitter, face book etc... were updated at the same time saving me tons of valuable time. In no time at all we were all over the search engines we also developed a whole bunch of " unique" applications that integrated into existing databases and tied into our new super easy to use CMS back end. They were available to myself and my staff for what seemed 24/7 any time a problem arose. I would not only highly recommend OneBigBroadcast to any type of business, whether it small medium or large I would can guarantee that you will never be "let down" or disappointed. Sincerely, Colin Jackson, owner Cooper Boating on Granville Island.Colin Jackson - Cooper Boating