The Importance of SEO In Vancouver

The internet is a constantly shifting ecosystem. This persistent ebb and flow of information creates an obstacle for visibility, as it’s easy to get lost in it, even in Vancouver’s automotive marketing scene.  This sea of content makes SEO a crucial component in any digital marketing campaign. It rapidly increases online presence by raising you to the top of online search engines.

The popular search engines of today are being engaged with every second by consumers and operators alike. Google averaged 5,134,000,000 searches a day in 2012; it can be difficult to rise in the ranks when the scale is so large. Luckily, search engines do a magnificent job of indexing and compiling the copious amounts of data that’s being uploaded on a daily basis, but if you can understand these online systems and harness their structure, then your site’s traffic will benefit greatly.

OBBAuto unlocks the full potential of Search Engine algorithms, garnering more traffic than you can shake a stick at. It’s a system that relies on organizing a clear hierarchy, tying a website into a unified network entity.

At OBBAuto, we recognize the importance of being on top.  As data shows, only 6% of Google users click content on the second page of a search, with 94% clicking on the first page’s results.  That’s a rapid drop off that can’t go unnoticed.  With our tools, we can build your links and citation, optimize your site and its congruent pages, link it to social media work, and tie it together with SEO rich blog content; it’s a package that will increase visibility exponentially.

SEO isn’t an afterthought anymore; it’s a crucial part of thriving in the online age. It’s something that OBBAuto takes seriously, as raising your pages ranking is critical to success. 

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