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The power of relevant content can’t be denied. Readers flock to fact-heavy pages, happily following every post they find. Information is not merely wanted. It's essential.

Without the proper distribution, however, that information will be ignored.

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The best social media platforms extend beyond company sites. They instead saturate the Internet, seeking out the forums readers visit most and layering page after page with data. This is known as content distribution and it is the cornerstone of any online strategy.

All posts must be linked to the web. Social media companies recognize this, building an extensive collection of networks, directories and blogs. This is the process of integration, automatically connecting materials to niche sites. First comes local search engine optimization to secure targeted users, blanketing markets like Yelp or LinkedIn. Worldwide optimization follows, helping to raise search engine rankings through venues like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. Using both of these options delivers strong results. 

Any business wishing to succeed must fully utilize content distribution principles. This is the only way to attract the right audience for the right service. 

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