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A Growth Hacking experiment with 1,000 of Canada’s Olympic Hopefuls

(Posted on Apr 22, 2013 at 02:26AM by Steven Arsenault)

OneBigBroadcast is largely a collection of cloud powered apps that can be easily moved around to suit any company’s marketing goals while infusing huge horsepower to deliver any digital message – with measured and tangible returns.

Simply put, close to 50% of folks that come to company web platforms are from searching some key phrase on Google. What’s more 45% of people start their Internet search using some kind of key phrase query. So search positioning is important – and according to the search experts – content creation is the way to get noticed.

So harness the power of 1,000 plus young people with the drive and enthusiasm to win via their own profiles using their own unique marketing tools  to connect to their own social networks – you’ve got amazing exposure to YO.ca…

YO goes live 

YO.ca Goes Live - After Spending Nearly a Century in the Shadows, the Royal Canadian Legion Goes Global and Captures the True Spirit of Community with State-of-the-Art Private, Socially Integrated Content Marketing Technology for All Participants of the Legion National Youth Track & Field Championships
Attracting visibility to any sporting event is paramount to its success and increasingly reliant on the synchronized use of multiple media outlets to execute promotional objectives and increase awareness of the event. 

OneBigBroadcast (OBB) is honored to deliver the world’s first private, socially integrated member portal to the athletes, their families, supporters and sponsors of the 2013 & 2014 Legion National Youth Track & Field Championships, to be held in Langley, British Columbia on August 7 – 13, 2013. Sanctioned and officiated by Athletics Canada, 1,000 young athletes 14 – 17 from across Canada will compete in the only national championships for this age demographic while accessing their own cloud powered social marketing tools.
Celebrated by athletes since its origin for its potential to enable young athletes to achieve their dreams, this event facilitates a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience for these young participants. Multiple-time track & field medalist Marie-Josée Le Jour of Quebec writes, “If it had not been for the Royal Canadian Legion Camp of 1994, I’m pretty sure my life would have turned out differently… I am so thankful to the Royal Canadian Legion for organizing such a quality event year after year,” captivating the magical allure of this competition to the many talented young athletes across Canada.
This 10-day national competition connects these talented athletes with top professional coaches in the first venue for Athletics Canada to view Canada’s cadre of recruits for its Olympic teams. “These championships are now considered the primary recruiting system for young Canadian men and women entering professional and Olympic sports,” comments Ted Stout, Senior Producer, Special Projects for YO.ca who represents the Royal Canadian Legion & Athletics Canada.

The OBB private social networking platform is a layer of applications integrated with its existing high performance content marketing platform. The ‘social connecting’ application layer will enable athletes to create their own profiles and share individual stories of their struggles and triumphs before, during and after the event with an array of personal social and SEO automation tools, while enabling centralized control over published content through the platform’s permissions management functions.

The personalized content developed by the participating athletes will be broadcasted through the athletes’ respective social media sites as well as to other Track & Field clubs globally, fostering community and awareness and ultimately enhancing the visibility of this important athletic event by increasing traffic to the Young Olympians website (YoungOlympians.ca and YO.ca).
YO.ca organizers have the unique ability to connect with global sporting clubs via SMS or email delivering event messages to sporting clubs back home or around the globe on their own time zone based on the athlete’s profile preferences. In addition to building awareness and support for some of the world’s most promising athletes, the platform’s social casting tools will be used to capture and broadcast the excitement of the annual Legion National Youth Track & Field Championships in real time. One Big Broadcast will be working in conjunction with Shaw Media and JoyTV (a Vision Network Channel) to execute joint communications, social casting and media for this event.  Sponsors will also have access to their own branded content marketing in addition to social automation tools to further enhance the visibility of their individual brands and the event.
“The YO.ca website has created the much needed connection to current and past participants in Club, Provincial and National Legion Track & Field Programs. A repository of alumni, stories, performances and achievements – achievements that reach to the heights of Olympic Games and Business/Community/Government  leaders. Coupled with the search and social casting capability of YO.ca the Legion National Youth Track & Field Championships will bring a whole new audience to the Championships and link athletes, coaches, officials, parents and fans across the globe. Building such a collective of Athletics/Track &Field enthusiasts provides great opportunities to engage, partner and deliver Athletics at a much higher and more effective way.”; Brian McCalder, President/CEO, BC Athletics. 

OneBigBroadcast is thrilled to have the opportunity to be involved in this noble competition, and for the chance to showcase both the incredible athletic talent and the generosity of The Royal Canadian Legion through this state-of-the-art private social networking platform.

OneBigBroadcast (a Vancouver BC Canada company) is an all-in-one content creation and marketing platform with layers of applications that simplify all things web combined with synchronized applications that automate social media news delivery and enhance Search Engine Optimization (SEO), ultimately boosting website traffic and sales by increasing online visibility. The latest addition to OBB’s cutting edge suite of functions includes new tools for the emerging area of social E-commerce and harnessing the power of enterprise content marketing and management.     www.OneBigBroadcast.com

The Royal Canadian Legion is one of Canada's largest non-profit charitable service organizations.  In addition to the Legion's vast community philanthropic and volunteer service, their unwavering dedication to youth leadership and development dates back to the end of the Second World War.  The enduring near-century legacy of the National Championships is a testament to the Legion’s dedication to training and mentoring Canada's future young Olympians.     www.Legion.ca