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The Hashtag Principle: Online Marketing Trends

(Posted on Mar 20, 2013 at 05:41PM by Lee Byard)

Facebook is a social giant: its audience ever-growing and its potential without limit. Every day sees new users and accounts, all centered around an idea of easy communication. It is the most powerful online network.

It’s soon, however, poised to become one of the most powerful search providers--because Facebook, if industry rumors are to be believed, is developing a hashtag system.

Hashtags are common among social networks. They’re used to promote specific ideas or thoughts, with the number sign (#) attached to them to increase visibility. They allow users to quickly seek out information, providing a more consumer-based form of searching.

Facebook hasn’t relied on them. In 2013, however, it might. 

A new system is being developed, incorporating the hashtag principle into this network... and online marketing will never be the same.

Individuals wishing to promote themselves on Facebook will now have greater access to consumers. No longer limited by their company pages, they can instead insert themselves into user-searches and monitor postings that mention them or their products. Managing a brand’s image becomes far simpler when businesses can view social postings as well as professional ones. 

This strengthens every company’s online strategy, developing social marketing and achieving better analytics. Hashtags provide direct sources to consumer opinions. This will allow every business to redefine their content to better reflect those opinions.

Facebook will soon be more than a network. It will instead be a line of communication between companies and clients.

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