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The Importance of Search Engine Marketing

(Posted on Mar 20, 2013 at 05:27PM by Lee Byard)

Consumers are going online. 

This is a simple--but indisputable--fact.

Today’s shoppers want the immediacy of the web. They seek out product descriptions, promotions and more from the comfort of their homes, forever opening new tabs in the name of research. Users are no longer content with random purchases. They instead demand information and will use multiple networks to get it: comparing bargains, recommending items and dissecting a brand’s social strategy.

Every business--whether a major corporation or a local venue--must be aware of the global shift toward online marketing. Consumers are both technologically savvy and undeniably patient, constantly looking for data to examine (and potentially dismiss). They’ll find every available blog, forum entry, web site and social page. 

Consider this: it’s estimated that almost 30% of the total world population relies on the Internet for shopping. Of those billions of individuals, 80% admit to online information influencing their decisions.

Refusing to develop a search engine marketing campaign, therefore, is a mistake... and it’s one that can jeopardize a brand. Without a strong virtual presence, countless consumers are lost. Reputations are undermined and competitors steal all sales.

Integrated SEM techniques, along with organic content and automated SEO principles, are vital: maximizing visibility and attracting traffic. No business can survive without being online. It's the only way to be seen and remain relevant.

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