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When A Brand Says 'No' To Social

(Posted on Sep 21, 2011 at 05:16PM )
I came across an article this morning that reminded me of the early days of us creating OneBigBroadcast.com. Everyone laughed and thought we were mad. Funny thing about being a pioneer a friend of mine once told me; "It's a very lonely place."

The writer talks about how business is loosing out on brand awareness not to mention SEO visibility - all the hallmarks that our platform delivers except we deliver the 'easy button' to attract visibility back to a client's web property.

If you are building your brand - why not use social to help promote your brand while enhancing search vusibility or SEO!

The article starts out with; "We all know that social media is getting bigger and bigger with every passing day, and more brands are engaging in social media every hour, but what about those brands that are still hesitant to get in the game?  What do you say to them?"; and goes on to show why brands are loosing out.

Great job Cory. You can read the article here.

Looking forward to other articles in this space.