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iPad takes flight with OneBigBro

(Posted on Jul 17, 2010 at 04:11PM )
As more and more people are attracted to the iPad and all its cool features the more they realize they want more. Our team now has a couple of iPad devices and I must admin they are way cool - however there are the things that we'd like to see. The first was that a normal WISIWIG interface doesn't work on the iPad - nor does many other features that developers like us take for granted on the other browsers. That's why we are developing apps for the iPad and iPhone that work hand and hand with our OneBigBroadcast digital broadcasting apps. This is our first post using out iPad interface. It's way cool after not being to be able to interface to our powerful platform via my iPhone and to my disappointment - the iPad when it arrived. Now you can - and the power of the overall OneBigBroadcast is available to the mobile user.