Real Time Hashtag App For Community Events, Contests or Sales & Marketing Campaigns

Stimulate users to create content for your brand by harnessing other people’s hashtag as they post them  from 3 popular social networks and easily display them on your own web site.

Use our hashtag app to enter any number of hashtags to collect from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Meld this with your community on your own web site to stimulate fans to create and share their own content. Share results automatically via your own social networks.

Build community and more followers. Use our community app to create your own Social CRM community.

Attract more leads and increase sales. Make up your own hashtags. Promote your own brand. Display these feeds on your own screens - even stadium screens to get everyone in on the action.

Get in on the fun. Today's hashtag following is XK150 and Archietheparrot.

Steven Arsenault steven_arsenault

Every fall I shot a pic of my Xk150. #archietheparrot got in the event this year. I just restored the interior and added new carpets. Hope he doesn't chew the inside again like he did a few years back. 馃槉


I always draw a crowd when my dad leaves me to go shopping. To bad Granville Island doesn't allow parrots! They've decided to use a hawk to drive all the rest of the birds away which I don't agree with. #archietheparrot #birdshavearighttoforrage


The cuteness overload 馃槱馃挅馃槏馃惁xx #f4f #appreciationpost #cutenessoverload #prettypastelplease #archietheparrot #cute #love


@archieeclectus @prettypastelplease. Love you guys 馃拫馃挒 #thebirdstays


Fall in the garden. #archietheparrot


Our signature snapbacks are back in stock! #Repost @steven_arsenault 銉汇兓銉 Archie's cap arrived today! #archietheparrot #macawparrot #macawsofinstagram #sunshinecoast #beachcombercoffee @beachcombercoffee


The two archies #archie #archietheparrot #nephew #babyboy #bonnycolours #lincolnshirewildlifepark

Steven Arsenault steven_arsenault

Morning coffee fix. #archietheparrot @beachcombercoffee #summerinbc #sunshinecoast #gibsons #beachcombercoffee


Why is this cat staring at me on my dad's shoulder? #archietheparrot

Steven Arsenault steven_arsenault

Archie's cap arrived today! #archietheparrot #macawparrot #macawsofinstagram #sunshinecoast #beachcombercoffee @beachcombercoffee


Local celebrity endorsement from our favourite feathered customer! #Repost @steven_arsenault 銉汇兓銉 #archietheparrot I endorse this! 馃槂 鈽 @beachcombercoffee

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