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Ground Zero Could be the Key to the Future of Marketing

(Posted on Mar 18, 2014 at 04:10PM )
Technology has shaped the way we market as a whole and the rapid advancement of technology is providing us with increasingly newer ways of collecting information and getting your message out consistently and effectively.

Knowing what is best for you can often be a difficult decision to make. One clear low cost way is to utilize data that already exists in your company database and an onsite community where you can collect additional data to help you maintain a clearer picture of what your existing customers want and need as individuals and project a customer centric image to potential customers
An onsite community acts as a core social tool that can be combined and used to enhance all your marketing initiatives.  Communities act as a stable platform on your site that you control on which you can build solid marketing initiatives regardless of what is trending on social channels and will act as a magnet for organic search to draw more people to your site.

From mobile marketing to social media to organic SEO your website should be ground zero from which all your marketing emanates.

This infographic created by the New Jersey Institute of Technology’s Online Masters in Business Administration program shows you more about how technology is impacting how we market.

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NJIT New Jersey Institute of Technology – Online MBA