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One Big Broadcast has released its second technological breakthrough in as many months with “Smart Inventory” holding true to its commitment to “Embracing Change by Creating it.”

Smart Inventory and NXT Showroom together with all its advanced proprietary products has built an entire living, breathing ecosystem of where “Everything connects” and is designed to be managed, scheduled and measured with ease.

Think of it. With over 60% of traffic going to Inventory pages on product based sites which are traditionally databases that have until now been invisible to search, Smart Inventory harnesses the usage and in turn reports it back to search. Search in turn sees this activity and shoots the title terms to the top of Local Search.

One Big Broadcast’s exclusive proprietary technology is being proven everyday measured in real terms by the success of our clients. One Big Broadcasts mission to developing new and better technologies is the type of company you need on your side to continually take you to the next level to keep you on top.

William Cosgrove