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Get in on the fun. The hashtag for this page is #archietheparrot.

Doreen Greene Seltzer · ds_sweet48

Handing out treats with this sick Pirate and her bird. And hired security in case things get outta hand. #catsofinstagram #halloweencostume #halloween2017 #piratesrock #marleynharley #archietheparrot @ashlyn.seltzer

Steven Arsenault · steven_arsenault

One of the reasons to keep calm owning parrots - ha! #archietheparrot #macawsofinstagram #macaws #blueandgoldmacaw

Steven Arsenault · steven_arsenault

Archie's friend Tango. #archietheparrot #macawsofinstagram #macaw #vancouverisawesome #vancouverisland

Steven Arsenault · steven_arsenault

More stuff. Doesn't take long to $2k here. #archietheparrot #macawsofinstagram #macaw #blueandgoldmacaw