Your Desktop Computer or Laptop is Running Slowly

One of the most common complaints of PC owners is that their desktop computer or laptop simply runs too slowly.  Unfortunately, many people make the matter worse when they attempt to increase the speed of a slow-running PC by downloading, installing and executing untrustworthy programs.  When you hire a computer technician to take care of your sluggish computer, you can be certain the root cause of the problem will be resolved.  Furthermore, you won’t waste time and money on products that are supposed to “speed up” your computer, but really do nothing to address the real issue and actually make the problem worse.

You Have Lost Data or Files

No one wants to think about losing important data or files, but trying to recover them on your own can be a major mistake.  Most experts agree that approximately 85% of lost filescan be recovered, but you can permanently lose or otherwise destroy your files if you attempt to recover them yourself.  When you hire a computer technician, you can take comfort in knowing that your files are in good hands and that there is a good chance they will be recovered.

Your Computer Has Been Attacked by Malware

There are a variety of different harmful software applications that can cause extensive damage to your desktop computer or laptop.  If you have installed a good virus protection program on your PC, you have taken the first step toward keeping it safe.  Unfortunately, it is still possible for viruses, Trojans, worms and other forms of malware to attack your computer even if you have installed a virus protection program.  Failure to properly remove malware from your computer can lead to significant damage and data loss.  When you hire a computer technician, you can be certain the malware will be entirely removed from your computer and that your system and the data it contains will be safe.

Your Computer has “Crashed”

When a computer “crashes,” it becomes unresponsive.  There are a number of potential reasons for a computer crash and, unfortunately, these crashes often occur without warning.  Failure to act quickly and properly can lead to significant data loss, so it is important to hire a computer technician as soon as possible to troubleshoot your system and to determine the cause of the crash.

While no one wants to spend their hard-earned cash by hiring a computer technician, there are certain situations that warrant taking this step.  By spending a little money now, you can prevent permanent and significant damage that can become far more costly in the long run.