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Avoid Excessive HTML While Designing Vancouver Sites

(Posted on Dec 1, 2013 at 04:06PM by Lee Byard)

seo vancouverSize really does matter, especially when promoting Vancouver SEO.

HyperText Markup Language, known more commonly as HTML, is a vital component of web design. Through it every page can be transformed with a blend of text, images and typefaces.

Most BC businesses utilize this method, wanting to optimize their sites with a search-engine friendly style. Too often, however, do these same businesses forget that less truly is more.

An excess of HTML undermines digital marketing in Vancouver. Endless italics, underlines and URL encodings prove difficult to index. Web crawlers can’t properly translate the data and so they ignore it entirely. Pages are left unread and unranked.

It’s recommended, therefore, to use HTML sparingly. Don’t flood the text with tricks and techniques. Keep the ratio between special characters and content instead balanced. All posts should be organic and fact-heavy. Weave in markups carefully to achieve the best results.

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