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vancouver seoThe Internet is filled with abbreviations. This is a shorthand culture, with entire paragraphs reduced to acronyms and slang. It’s a new language and BC businesses have to master it.

What's the first phrase they need to translate? SERP.

The Search Engine Results Page - more commonly called SERP - reflects a site’s ranking in social hubs like Google or Bing. It’s a series of algorithms and web crawler notations, with all content scanned for SEO reliability and every word defined by three components:

User Popularity

How often do users look for this specific product or service? Sites with broad appeal often fare better than their niche market siblings. This is due to the influx of searches and keyword combinations. Engines catalogue consumer preferences and adjust their rankings accordingly.

Organic Search

Is the text relevant? Will web spiders find a series of backdoor links and keyword strings or will they instead find optimized content? Sites with organic information will see dramatic increases in both rankings and popularity. Engines are now rewarding user-focused pages and actively encourage better - more dynamic - results.

Links and Listings

Are on-site links sponsored (either through affiliations or pay-per-click campaigns)? This is the least favorable option for both search engines and users, and often sites will be penalized for using it. Paid listings harken back to the early days of marketing and show a disregard for modern (white-hat) techniques.

SERP is the most important online abbreviation - because it represents a site’s success. One Big Broadcast understands this, which is why we utilize all available Vancouver SEO strategies to gain higher rankings and stronger results.

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