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Smartphone Marketing Is A Future Investment For Vancouver Businesses

(Posted on Oct 16, 2013 at 01:50PM by Lee Byard)

seo vancouverSmartphones were once the devices of legend. They were costly, elusive things - used only by corporate kings and queens, rarely glimpsed by the masses. They were the Holy Grails of interfacing.

Times have (fortunately) changed.

Smartphones are no longer dedicated to business. Instead they belong to the public. Consumers across the globe spend their days chatting, tweeting, posting and pinning: all from the convenience of their phones. Connectivity has never been easier.

It’s also never been more popular. By 2015 Bloomberg Marketing estimates that worldwide smartphone use will reach 2 billion. This is an incredible number - and it’s one that SEO tactics in Vancouver BC must keep pace with.

BC businesses wishing to use SEO must understand the smartphone market. Consumers rely on their phones for online searches and shopping. Having web sites that are tailored for this format is essential. Recognize the value of digital design and create content that adapts to Androids, iPhones and other options.

One Big Broadcast will show you how. Contact us today to learn about Vancouver SEO and mobile marketing. Make an investment for the near future.