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An Analytical View of Online Marketing

(Posted on Mar 23, 2013 at 05:46PM by Lee Byard)

Marketing ploys are only as relevant as the profits they generate. This is the simple truth of advertising--whether in the real world or online. A campaign isn’t clever if it doesn’t yield results. It’s instead a collection of empty words and unfulfilled promises. 

Excelling at online marketing, therefore, requires more than interesting content or crowd-pleasing pictures. It instead requires an understanding of consumers and their viewing patterns.

Analysis is needed.

Analytics is the process of measuring data. Applying that process to online marketing allows companies to better tailor their services and social strategies. This is achieved through tracking all available channels, such as: web sites, forums, networks, inbound links and more. Traffic patterns are examined in real time, with businesses noting which information attracts consumers and which venues most appeal.

The value of this is instant access to the public. Every online marketing campaign can be better defined by what consumers want--shifting content toward niche networks, gaining higher engine rankings through relevant back-linking, deploying posts at key hours and more. 

Analyzing traffic patterns and conversions helps companies avoid costly mistakes. Time is no longer diverted to low-grade sites or communities. Instead every marketing technique matters.

And this is the difference between a successful idea and a forgotten one.

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