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The Impact of Google on Search Engine Marketing

(Posted on Mar 19, 2013 at 05:09PM by Lee Byard)

In 1996 Google was created. It was a simple search system, with a streamlined interface and a focus turned toward the then-unknown process of analytics. Many dismissed it, assuming it would never eclipse the shadows of Yahoo, Lycos and other industry titans. It was considered an upstart engine that would eventually fail.

It didn’t.

Instead Google... grew: exponentially, consistently, undeniably.

As of 2013 it now holds sway over 67.5% of all Internet and mobile searches. This number is surprising--especially when compared to its nearest rivals of Bing (16.7%) and Yahoo (28.1%). Google draws in more users than these two combined, making it the dominating force online.

And this is something businesses must now note.

Online marketing is an essential part of every company. Building a virtual presence--networking, blogging and more--is the best way to generate consumer interest. That interest is only earned, however, if users are able to search for (and successfully find) a brand.

Google makes that possible.

Tailor social strategies to Google. Understand its analytics process--tracking quality landing pages, keywords and downloads--to better define every post. This doesn’t exclude the process of niche networking or eliminate the need to target other engines and forums. It does, however, help to elevate a brand’s overall visibility and traffic. Using this option ensures a stronger saturation of the market, drawing in consumers and sales.

Google’s impact can’t be ignored. Companies must instead embrace it and use it.

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