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Social Networking: An Online Marketing Trend to Follow

(Posted on Mar 16, 2013 at 03:06AM by Lee Byard)

A company without a social network is a company without relevance. This is a digital age, with consumers and services connecting always through media. Success is earned online.

Refusing to network, therefore, is a mistake... and a costly one.

A social network, in its simplest form, is a platform that promotes communication. Businesses, however, can utilize this process to greater effect, generating consumer interest and developing their brands. These networks--like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and others--redefine marketing, tailoring it to the online community and delivering dynamic content. Social outlets can bolster a company’s image.

That image must be carefully examined, however, while developing a networking strategy. There are many media options: from Twitter to Google Plus and every forum in between. Each of these sites attracts specific demographics, and those demographics won't coincide with every business.

It becomes essential, therefore, to target sites that reflect a brand’s audience and needs. Saturating every corner of the social spectrum won’t work. Instead each outlet must be carefully chosen, with a strategy crafted around smart content and niche networking. This is the only way to ensure sales. 

Every company must network: consistently, patiently, wisely.

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