2018 Ford Focus Electric Offers Entertainment

(Posted on Aug 10, 2018 at 09:11PM )

Many believe the best part of any road trip is the playlist. Unfortunately, too many cars require cables to connect electronic devices and hoping they’ll all work long enough to get where you’re going without your music player running out of battery or one of the wires coming loose.

The 2018 Ford Focus Electric SYNC 3 removes the stress and supports your need to be the biggest Rockstar in your car. This offers a voice-activated system, so you can focus on the road while it finds the song you want to hear, and it offers Google search functions to find that song you just remembered you loved as a pre-teen. The eight-inch LCD touchscreen offers Apple CarPlay and Android Auto software, so your device is guaranteed to sync up.  Plus, you’ll never need to worry about your phone battery dying destination as there are dual smart-charging USB ports and integrated 12-volt powerpoints offer steady connectivity.

In addition to helping you find your jams online and grab them from your phone, the Focus also makes sure you’ve got all the sound that a crooner like you deserves, via its nine-speaker sound system with a Sony digital amplifier pairing with HD Radio technology.
The 2018 Focus Electric provides everything you need to be a road trip DJ or to hold your own in-car concert. To learn more or to take one for a test drive, contact our team today.