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Social CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Communities

(Posted on Dec 20, 2014 at 02:02PM )
Websites Need to Evolve
Websites need to be engaging and interactive. Visit any website today and they're much the same as they were 20 years ago: they're entirely one way for the most part.

Social CRM has applications in marketing, customer service and sales.

Social CRM Engagement with prospects
Social CRM community tools allow businesses to better engage with their customers by, for example, listening to their opinions about their products and services.

Social CRM Customer Service
Ownership of social media is shifting away from Marketing and Communication as engagement increasingly relates to inbound customer service-based topics. Rather than social being seen purely as a space for companies to deliver outbound marketing messages, it is the inbound customer queries that allow for meaningful points of engagement and the building of brand advocacy

Social CRM Communities
Onsite Social CRM communities allow businesses their customers and employees to manage their own profiles – including creating their own content, updating their company news and social media – which can all be administered with specified permissions tools. This “conglomerate”-style online network harnesses the power of multiple which acts like a magnet to attract search back to your site.
The benefits that these communities will bring are the most cost effective way in which to engage, retain, manage and form alliances with your community members, employees and potential customers that will not only foster retention but promote your business in the most positive ways imaginable- all combining to raise the bar in defining personalization.
Companies with private customized Social CRM Communities can experience better employee relations, customer service, reduced customer complaints and higher brand loyalty. Think of having a central place in which to read and understand your customer’s concerns, wants and needs.
Social CRM Community Tools
In addition to members and employees having their own profiles including a central console for site navigation, the ability to create their own content, share with their social networks receive company news updates-ask questions and make comments-

 -You can turn your website into a thriving ecosystem with a community customer care and benefit center, as part of the community platform, where member’s interactions with you and your employees will create brand advocates who will create awareness that will drive new customers to the top of the sales funnel.

Add it all up and an onsite Social CRM Community provides benefits to you as the business, your employees and your customers that cannot be duplicated elsewhere-providing a win-win situation for all.

Another integrated part of OBB’s Social CRM Community platform is the MyPhotoRep photo app (read more below) designed to bring customers into the fold at time of purchase and be automatically posted on your Testimonial page and posted to your social networks to create brand awareness, drive engagement, attract search and raise social awareness

Photo and testimonial are automatically posted to your Testimonial Page. Each employee has a link to their MyPhotoRep gallery and profile. Viewers can scroll to see all of the employee’s testimonials without leaving the page. Viewers can also search for other employees. As a reward  the employee with the most testimonials appears first on the testimonial page. (read more below)

Below are outlined some examples of how you can setup and implement your own customized customer care and benefit center within the community  to start reaping the multitude of benefits and good will that no other form of marketing or rewards program can offer. The possibilities are only limited to your creative ideas.

Social CRM Community Members:
Existing members will automatically be made members and sent an e-mail to inform them of the many benefits being offered to them as members of your community.
New customers will automatically become members of the community as part of the benefit of doing business with your company.

Visitors to the site will be invited to join to enjoy member benefits and discounts to be nurtured and converted into future customers.

Examples of Social CRM Member Benefits:
Free loaner or rental or equivalent discount on service charges

Discounts on purchases- example an $$$ or % off community member Discount

Discounts on:
*Extended Warranties
*Maintenance Contracts

Contests and Special Offers
A monthly drawing for $$$ In Free service/products that members can entered every month with their e-mail to win to keep members engaged.
The possibilities are endless and can be fully customized to fit your individual needs.
A picture is worth_2.pngMyPhotoRep Photo and Text App
MyPhotoRep, is the first automated photo and text app of its kind developed by award winning OneBigBroadcast’s

Instantly Take a picture and get testimonial at time of delivery or purchase on any Apple or Android tablet or mobile device.
Innovative technology to:

*Augment your reputation management

*Raise social awareness,

*Increase SEO rankings

*Encourage employee participation

*Solidify your brand through positive feedback and referrals from satisfied customers.

* Instantly share MyPhotoRep on your social channels and testimonial page on your website with our fully integrated plugin.

The happiest time in the buyers experience is:

*The day they pick up their new or preowned vehicle

*Buy a home

*Eat that great meal

*Pick up that new product or:

*Get that great service.

We have made it easy to capture that moment with a photo and text statement from the customer as to why they purchased from your business. There are also many times when a customer is more than satisfied with the prompt and friendly service they recieved.

You no longer need to let these invaluable marketing opportunities slip by. Capture these happy moments on any mobile device as they happen and share them instantly on your Testimonial Page, with a blog and across yours and your sales or service representative's social channels.

These pictures and statements from satisfied customers will do more for your reputation and social awareness than anything that is available to you today and will also help with your search rankings. Your employees will also benefit from sharing these treasured moments on their social channels.

Plus, You can capture those funny or treasured moments that occur during business hours and share them with your current and potential customers to show them that you are people to, transparent and customer centric.
Statistics Show

Search Engine Watch reports that 85 percent of consumers read reviews for local businesses. Dimensional Research reports that 90 percent of consumers say that positive online reviews had a direct impact on their buying decision.

Customer testimonials have the highest effectiveness rating for content marketing at 89%. 20 Marketing Trends and Predictions to Consider for 2014 (Social Times)

55% of young shoppers said that a recommendation from a friend is one of the strongest influencers in getting them to try a new brand. 47% consider brand reputation to be almost as important.

60% of Millennials said that social advertising has the most influence over them in how they perceive a brand and a brand’s value and Hispanics represent the youngest segment of the population here in the US. The Millennial tech-savvy and fast-paced crowd has now surpassed Baby Boomers spending $600 billion a year compared to Baby Boomer’s $400 Billion

MyPhotoRep  also makes a great contest app for all your social channels.
Applications with long term recurring benefits= Sustainable Long Term Value
A Social CRM Community is part of a natural ecosystem (your website) where without the need for continued monetary intervention, your domain and its web pages are found, engaged and socialized with and their life and success are long-term and self-sustaining
A Social CRM Community and Customized Tools will allow you to easily attract customers, build a brand around your company, and ultimately drive more traffic to your website and convert more leads for years to come.

How many products have you invested in that produce invaluable and sustainable benefits from day one, do not need to be proven, take no time to implement and can be seamlessly integrated into your current site without disruption.

Start the New Year on a positive and productive note. It may be one of the best and most cost effective investments you make for the New Year. Let’s set up a demo of this versatile and cost effective application so you can better understand the immense positive impact a Social CRM Community can have on your online marketing success.