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Keeping To One Big Broadcasts commitment to embracing change by constant innovation, Steven Arsenault, CEO of One Big Broadcast along with the Just Released OBB Auto Showroom NXT Platform, he is pleased to announce the following upgrades and new release of OBB Auto Classified AD Application.

 Dealer Platform Upgrade. Last week we upgraded the platform to a newer faster version of inventory and other things that make it faster and more efficient. This has been months in development and took several days last week to implement. You should experience faster response overall plus the following upgrades:
New Mobile site. 
We've completed the conversion to the new mobile format. In the transition we changed the names of a couple blogs since our blog tool is no longer sub domains but file names for closer SEO integration.The new mobile format is an impressive look with even the blog formatted to small screen viewing. Each mobile page can be managed via the CMS plus each page features a link to switch back to desktop format for those devices that host a mobile browser but really require a desktop version since their screens are so large. This seems to be a standard as the mobile world evolves with the many different versions of smartphones and tablet devices of different shapes and sizes. Overall the mobile look is a very impressive addition to our clients web sites including the responsive inventory module.
New Showroom Pages
I am happy to say we've implemented the new showroom pages which are designed to enhance our content marketing efforts and overall web site visibility. The overall goal of the application was to connect the power of the blogs in their ability to attract search with the regular CMS pages on the web site. Showroom pages will allow CMS page description pages with rich content, videos and images about each of your model areas. The key feature of the showroom pages are the blog search tag integration. Each page has a feature allowing users to choose which of the multiple blogs and key phrases to follow. The end result is that only the news items from the corresponding blog posts will appear in the designated pages. This way content changes on the designated pages of your main CMS pages. For designated show room pages we are working on the ability to display vehicle information of the same product category.
An example of the use of showroom pages is a client who is currently building their site for launch. They've used to the showroom app to feature all of their farm equipment products. Once complete their plan is to swing around to their Car products. Each of their product models features a slide show, links to dealer site actions, detailed description and a set up for auto content feeds from designated blog tags making each page unique and important changing content.

 New Dealer Classified App
For years car dealers have been running ads in newspapers with a varying degree of success. One thing that remains constant is that in many cases the vehicle information is often outdated when the ad hits the street with no way to update. The new Dealer Classified App allows CMS users to create an identical ad on the web site with the ultimate flexibility. Users choose vehicles by stock number or clicking on the vehicle image to create their online car ad. Once created each vehicle image is linked to the full inventory detail via the new online classified ad  Users can add a header, footer and any amount of information about the ad. They can change the colour of the background and even the background image. Whats more they can create a link for printing in the newspaper or QR code for mobile access. Edits can be done via the CMS should further adjustments be required during the campaign.  Once the newspaper campaign is complete the ad lives on on your web site as yet another way to connect with local search.

Redesigned Digital Portal Landing Page Template   

The Digital Portal landing page serves as a digital portal or gateway to a dealer's website. In addition we also offer the option of creating a subdomain to be used as a digital portal or gateway to your current site to avoid costly changes. This is completely non-disruptive and can be integrated quickly.  

The cost of staffing to keep up with and implement your marketing initiatives in todays constantly changing digital lanscape would be cost prohibitive. OBB can give you a fully integrated Marketing Platform for the cost of only one good BDC employee.

OBB Autos offers the most comprehensive and cost-effective Dealer marketing plans that deliver world class results from a cutting-edge marketing company

The automotive world has begun to understand the importance of SEO and Social Integration and the stress One Big Broadcast places on the importance of SEO and Social Integration makes our platform the perfect answer to your social strategy.

 William Cosgrove