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Is Your Dealership Inside-Out?

(Posted on Aug 12, 2013 at 11:18AM )
Which do you think would be more interesting to your customers – that your dealership is #1 in sales or that your dealership has the largest inventory in the region?

Here’s a hint: One is about you, the other is about the customer.  One is inside-out thinking and the other is outside-in.

The differences between the two can be subtle, but simply put, inside-out thinking is when a company or brand talks about things the company cares about. Usually these are business-related topics like industry awards, marketshare growth, new logos, new hires, and so on – the kinds of things that make more sense in a press release than a newspaper circular.

Outside-in thinking is what your customers care about: added locations, extended hours, new inventory, easy financing, pick-up & drop-off services, if you’re first-time buyer friendly, and so on. Outside-in thinking means thinking outside of the box and looking at your vehicles from the buyer’s perspective.

Think of it this way, when you’re inside out, your mouth is moving. When you’re outside in, you’re listening.

Don’t misunderstand; of course you should present a professional and reputable business presence, especially when it comes to high-ticket, long-term purchases. In fact, a little inside-out thinking is good. However, there’s a time and a place for that – a mention will usually do. What you want is to make customers comfortable as early in the process as possible so you get a shot at their business. Outside-in thinking is the surefire way to draw potential buyers to your door.

So, when you’re branding your dealership, no matter if it’s a radio ad, website or even a vehicle description, approach your messaging from your customers’ point of view and use your “outside voice.”
Posted by Anne-Marie Jeffrey

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