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World’s first physical Facebook fan-gate

(Posted on Jul 12, 2013 at 04:06AM )
RealLifeConnect launches the world’s first real-life Facebook fan-gate for the retail sector.

Vienna- and Hong Kong-based RealLifeConnect ( announced “Are you a Fan” today, offering fan-gating in real life for retail stores and shops. Everyone is familiar with Facebook fan gates in the online world, and now, thanks to RealLifeConnect’s social media RFID turnkey solution for agencies and brands, it is finally possible to do the same in the physical world. 

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“Are you a Fan” is based on the idea of recognizing and rewarding fans in real time and in-store via RFID social media integration. Millions of retail stores and outlets currently use social media to reward and address their audiences online, but so far, there has not been a way to also reward or recognize them in-store. Now, thanks to RealLifeConnect’s “Are you a Fan” solution, the missing link has been found, and it is all possible with just a simple swipe.

The concept is straightforward and easy to implement.

The customer links up his/her loyalty card from the retail outlet with his/her Facebook account, and the turnkey solution of RealLifeConnect automatically detects if the person is a fan of the retail outlet online within social media channels. Once the user enters the store, he/she can be recognized, addressed, and rewarded. In simple means, they are treated like a fan, friend, or pal—something beyond the average visitor. A concept like this puts the customer fully into the spotlight and gives him/her the attention and special treatment he/she deserves.

Fan-gating is a popular way to reward and recognize fans within Facebook fan pages and applications but has thus far never extended beyond the digital world into physical space. As the world of retail is changing and new concepts are needed to attract and retain buyers, “Are you a Fan” bridges the gap between online and offline buyer behavior, and rewards them as well liking the page is not the only thing a brand should expect from its followers and friends. People want to be recognized and rewarded for their loyalty to a brand or store, and retailers should go the extra mile to do what is needed.

“Are you a Fan is based on RealLifeConnect’s turnkey solution, which is now a way for retail stores and shops to implement social media beyond the Facebook fan page or Twitter stream, whereas previously, we addressed the event and promotion space. However, based on multiple inquiries, we also saw interest and demand to develop a meaningful concept for the retail sector in order to spearhead our leading position within the space,” said Michael Ionita (CEO of RealLifeConnect). “Now, even retail stores and chains of all kinds and sizes can utilize social media RFID solutions and integrate them into their shop environment and loyalty system. But there are far more advantages, such as using and combining valuable data collected from different sources (social media, offline behaviour, CRM…) itself.”

RealLifeConnect is known as the world’s leading provider of social media RFID installations, resulting in the usage of its social solutions on five continents in more than 20 countries. The primary focus so far is on projects within the experiential, promotional and event space with a strong focus on the beverage, fashion, and automotive industry. With “Are you a Fan” RealLifeConnect is showing that fans are valued people whether they are online or offline. Linking these spaces via social media RFID solutions is a great leap for retail and events.

RealLifeConnect has been an Austrian- and Hong Kong-based global solution provider for agencies and brands of social media RFID installations for experiential and interactive promotions, brand activations, loyalty programs, conferences, trade shows, and events since 2011. RealLifeConnect’s products consist of hardware (swipe stations, photo stations, roaming photo solutions and RFID tokens) and software (cloud based campaign and user management as well as reporting system) for linking social spaces instantaneously and without hassle.

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