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Forgive Me For I Have Sinned (The Debacle)

(Posted on Jul 11, 2013 at 04:58PM )
 With all the noise about making the Industries more transparent you would think that the vendors that supply those Industries and say they their purpose is to provide consumers more transparency would  reciprocate and be transparent with their client base before launching their new strategies.

When launching new programs that impacts the clients that you serve it is critical that you take the initiative to collaborate with them to understand their point of view and communicate yours.

How do these big companies stumble and make these grandiose errors that cause such uproars. There have been so many instances of these blunders and right or wrong it is always better to first apologize to control the damage done and institute measures to repair the damage that has been done. If you do not it projects arrogance and produces animosity and distrust.

Whatever's intentions, they were wrong if not for any reason but for not collaborating with their dealer base and should have apologized. It was even more damaging to find out that they were doing other things that they were not communicating. One blunder is bad enough but when it causes other things to be uncovered it makes the situation worse and the saga seems to be uncovering more.

Do the right thing and Apologize and the sooner the better. Don’t just stop doing the things you obviously realized you shouldn’t have been doing hoping it will all just go away. Don’t appear to be like the some liberals who are for big government because they think that they know how to run things better than their constituents.

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Author Bill Cosgrove