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Let Me Count the Ways-Who’s Running “Your” Digital Marketing Campaigns?

(Posted on Jul 8, 2013 at 03:03PM )
This is not meant to act as an advertisement for any one company but as an awakening to inform you of Quality of talent, professionalism and knowhow that is available out there in the marketplace.

I recently joined   One Big Broadcast  (OBB) as OBB’s Strategic Global Marketing Partner and I will explain why. 

If you look carefully at their website they’ve got it down. A Professional Production and Arts and Design Department and Professional Writers from all over the world who handle Content, Social Integration, Social Casting, Organic Search etc.  And all their platforms are proprietary developed by their own Software Engineering Department.  

Also, OBB’s Platform is a cloud powered tightly integrated framework which means speed and everything works together. More importantly everything works together blogs with web pages. Multiple blogs with social accounts etc.  Our own Google Maps powered galleries called IMGY as a landing pad for Pinterest. In this new age of content marketing everything needs to work fast, together and most important be on your web site or point back from social, articles or external blogs.

OBB also has clients from around the world in many different industries which brings a much broader out of the box understanding with fresh ideas that can enhance your marketing strategy. OBB is headed by one of the most down to earth men I have had the honor to know. And this is the type of open minded person that is going to attract other like minded people who are open to fresh ideas that will make a bigger impact for their clients.

And if you haven’t heard of some of these terms, programs and platforms and everything mentioned and discussed at OBB’s Website then please read on and thoroughly and learn because you do not have a great Digital Marketing Department-Yet.

And you should not be piecemealing your marketing out to this or that vendor. You need an integrated marketing strategy for it to work properly and be successful. You need an experienced company that can fully integrate your Digital Marketing Program.

The complexity of this New Technological Frontier is too great and would be too costly for you to try to recruit the people companies like OBB can provide you to benefit you from everything this phenomenal and rapidly changing technological environment has to offer.

 I am sure there are other qualified and experienced Digital Marketing Companies out there and this discussion is to bring your attention to seriously look at what you are doing. Are you just stumbling through, do you have it down because if you don’t you are losing through wasted expenditures that are leaving you spinning your wheels.

If you are to fully engage the new Digital world we live in, you need professionals like OBB or a company like them to lead the way and help make your Digital marketing the best it can be.

Your BDC should be staffed with people who know how to make appointments to get customers to your lot. Staffed with people who know how to follow upon on non-converted visits ( because a third party can generally get a customer to open up more than they would to the salesperson who dealt with them.) Interacting with leads should be the main focus of your BDC staff.

Let’s face it would you expect your receptionist to desk deals-of course not so keep your BDC people focused on what they should be doing and do best.

Your professional in your field so deal with professionals who specialize in what they do best and you will save money and your top and bottom lines will be a lot better for it.

Below is an article whose intent was not to imply what I am here but this is a prime example of why you need a Professional Digital Marketing Company to take the reins at your Dealership.

Why would you want to waste time and money and wait, test and experiment yourself or worse yet with a company who is in this position when there are companies out there that already have all these things tested out measured and proven and in place now.
If your feeling like the person in the picture accompanying this article then after reading the article below  go back and read this piece again study everything again and again and then make the decision to call a company that can make all these things happen for you now.

Author Bill Cosgrove