Steven Arsenault

Steven Arsenault started his career in software and was one of the early pioneers in bridging the gap between telecom systems and computer intelligence. 
His experience with telecommunications is vast--including strategic advisory with AT&T Wireless, developmental marketing and production with Bell Labs, participation in the acquisition of McCaw Cellular and more. This experience has immersed him fully in the digital medium, allowing him to not only understand it but to recognize its potential
And this is why he has created One Big Broadcast, a platform that specializes in messaging technologies, marketing and organic Search Engine Optimization.
Steven intends to utilize his knowledge of telecommunications to deliver the next step in social media.

Mimi Klingstat

.Mimi Klingstat has been involved with the development of online branding techniques since 2003. She first entered the social media field as a creative consultant, offering her expertise in online competitive intelligence and networking.

With the creation of One Big Broadcast, however, she finds herself now serving as both co-founder and overseer, channeling the efforts of her design team into web properties and advertising campaigns. This team--which spans the United Kingdom, Finland, the United States and Canada--utilizes Mimi’s search marketing experience to analyze and restructure content for an online medium.

Mimi's multi-faceted role is to develop strategies that use One Big Broadcast’s social tools. Her work encompasses search marketing, social networking and branding.