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2018 Ford Models Boast Expanded Sync-3 Infotainment Features

(Posted on May 31, 2018 at 07:00PM by Nicole Mangione)

2018 Ford Models Boast Expanded Sync-3 Infotainment Features

It’s 2018 and you’re still fumbling to answer your cell phone while cruising down the road. Every time you change radio stations you fight with the seek feature, skipping over the station you need half a dozen times before landing on your station – just as the traffic report ends. Sound familiar?

At Key West we boast an inventory of over 100 2018 Ford vehicles, all at low prices and with the option to be equipped with Ford’s Sync-3 Infotainment system. The Sync-3 interface is bright and easy to navigate with the touchscreen or via seamless voice activation, so whether your phone is buried in your laptop bag or still in your back pocket you’ll be able to answer every call and keep your eyes on the beautiful B.C. roads. See for yourself how easily the Sync-3 interacts with driver commands:

Ford is constantly expanding the Sync-3 app compatibility. Their latest AppLink partnership, featured in Cnet, lets you see live traffic data from Waze directly on your infotainment screen. Waze is a veteran app in the traffic space, allowing users to find the quickest route based on traffic data updated in real time – taking your ability to navigate Vancouver rush hour to the next level.
Itching to exit the stone age and sync up with the latest in infotainment technology? Visit our dealership today to learn more about Ford’s Sync-3 systems in a variety of 2018 models.

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